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Why inflexibility leads to losses

With employees working from the office, remotely and on the move, today’s workforce is more distributed than ever. Research reveals that 37% of collaboration workers spend more than 50% of their time away from their desk. By meeting employees’ needs, this flexible approach to working also helps businesses attract and retain the best talent – with the ultimate aim of delivering against customers’ ever-changing needs and demands.

But current legacy phone systems simply can’t keep pace, restricting employees to office-based calls. The dissatisfaction is clear: 53% of UK employees feel their companies aren’t doing enough to meet the needs of modern-day and remote flexible working. As well as curbing mobility and productivity, legacy systems extend employee reaction times. Your business becomes less responsive, less efficient, and – inevitably – less competitive.

Can you afford to have a disjointed communication system that means your employees can’t constantly stay in contact?

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