Blue Portal Group is trading as normal. Contact us today on 0114 553 7969 or email for any enquiries. IT deliveries in stock are still shipping for next day delivery.


All refurbished PC’s are Grade A, fully cleaned, tested with a fresh install of Windows 10 Pro operating system.


Our refurbished laptops are fully upgraded and bench tested including a fresh install of the latest operating system. Supplied with a minimum of 12-36 months parts replacement warranty.


Our refurbished servers are ex lease and are fully refurbished, any degraded parts replaced and bench tested. Servers come with a minimum 12 – 36 months parts replacement warranty.


Whatever the level and type of networking is best for you and most effective for maintaining your business, we will provide it.

Knowledge & Experience

Whether you’re buying for personal use, or you’re purchasing a large amount of IT Equipment for a business, you’ll quickly see that you can make your budget go further by using Blue Portal IT. This is particularly true of Server hardware (including required upgrades), New PC’s & Laptops from Dell and HP which can often be costly for the initial setup then adding monitors, docking stations and Office Licenses.

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