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Business Tariffs

Just think of us providing the management of your Company’s mobile communications, but without the salary!

We take out the complexity of choosing your business tariffs

One of our core operations in managing your Companies mobiles is taking the complexity out of determining which mobile tariffs are right for your business. To do this we need to understand how your business operates and how you use your mobiles within your business.

A visit to your office and coupled with our ‘health check’ detailed analysis on your network bills, we then can create a detailed summary of each phone’s voice and data usage both in the UK & Overseas. This complete overview  then enables us to create a bespoke business tariff or set of tariffs perfectly suited to your business at the optimum price point. We are confident in our ability to save you money or add more value within your existing budgetary limits.

Blue Portal recognises some Companies require bespoke features and can assist with device management software, fixed dialling sims, applying spend caps per phone to name a few. Whatever your needs, we will find the right solution for you.

We continue to work together with you over the course of the contract term to ensure the tariffs are working for you and offer the ‘Health Check’ service at any time required.  We pride ourselves on our tariff analysis, this sometimes time consuming task is completed often by hand by one of our highly trained members of staff ensuring accuracy at all times.

Going away on business or on holiday which takes you to outside the UK/EU, then we are at hand to advise on the best International voice and texts bolt-ons to prevent excessive billing on your return. At the same time will give advice on how data roaming works, so you don’t get stuck whilst away.

We will also help you with your online or electronic billing so that  you fully understand how the tariffing and billing works. Any queries relating to your billing are handled by us directly with the network

At Blue Portal we believe strongly in honesty and integrity and will not offer any tariff or package that cannot be honoured or fulfilled.

We aim to build a long-term relationship with all our clients, so we strongly believe in actually doing what we say.